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AscTec provides you with a wireless serial link for your UAV via a pair of XBee modules. They are usually pre-configured and already connected to each other. This page shows you how to reconfigure these modules if you want to change the connection to another XBee module.

Required Hardware and Software

Download and install the XCTU Tool on your computer to configure the XBee modules.

You need the 'Next Gen' version of XCTU, older versions do not work in all cases, especially if your modules are relatively new.

XBee USB Module

Attached to your computer via a USB cable.

XBee Serial Module

The serial module is usually connected to your UAV. To program it you need the AscTec USB Serial Adapter with a 5-wire cable connected to your computer.


  1. Start XCTU and click on 'Add devices'.
  2. Select the serial port with your XBee and configure a Baud Rate of 57600 (Data Bits: 8, Parity: None, Stop Bits: 1, Flow Control: None).
  3. After 5 seconds the module appears in the list on the left, click on it. The parameters will be read from the module.
  4. To connect two XBee modules they need to be on the same channel (CH) with the same PAN ID (ID). Destination Address (DH, DL) and source address (MY) should be configured according to the table below.
  5. Click on 'Write radio settings' after the configuration is complete. 

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Configuration Table

ID 123456789
CH CDEF1011121314
XBee USBDL123456789
XBee SerialDL102030405060708090

DH is always zero.

Baud Rate (BD) is always 57600.

The recommended firmware version is 1084.


Standard configurations

To set one of our standard configurations (channels 1 to 12 are used) you can download our standard profile-files.
The .zip file contains "UFO_x.pro" (for XBee on flight system) and "USB_x.pro" (for XBee on PC).

Two XBees will be paired if both use the same number (e.g. UFO_3.pro and USB_3.pro).

To update your XBee:

  1. connect it to X-CTU 
  2. click on "Profile - Load profile" 
  3. choose the desired .pro file
  4. click on "Write radio settings".

Do that with both XBees (USB and UFO).