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End of Life Notice

The Simulink Toolkit will be removed in future versions of the AscTec SDK. Support for the Simulink Toolkit will end 31st December 2016.

The most frequently asked questions and answers regarding AscTec Simulink Toolkit.

Q: How do I need to setup my XBee with MPROG?

A: You will find the configuration file "XBee-config-Simulink-toolkit.ept" in the "asctec_simulink_toolkit_v1.0.zip".

Open MPROG and program your XBee with it:

  1. Scan
  2. Open "XBee-config-Simulink-toolkit.ept"
  3. Program 

That´s it.

Q: I do not receive any data in the UART_Communication.mdl?

A: Please check the following things:

  • Is your XBee connected to the HLP? In delivery condition it is connected to the LLP to receive the telemetric data with the AutoPilot Control software!
  • Was the XBee set up correctly with MPROG (please see information above)
  • Did you successfully flash your HLP with the code from the Simulink Toolkit and is your HLP running (UAV switched on)?
    • In SDK3.0 make sure to use "AscTec Simulink Toolkit" as build configuration!
  • Is the UART_Communication.mdl open and started?