Header Overview

This is the tutorial for the installation and the setup of the AscTec SDK under Microsoft Windows.


Please download the AscTec SDK with Eclipse environment from the AscTec SDK Download Wiki page. It will install:

  • Eclipse
  • WinARM
  • OpenOCD
  • JTAG-drivers

Unpack the archive at any place and start armsdk_setup_v0.5.exe as Administrator. An installation window appears:

Follow the instruction on the screen.

Setup Eclipse

After installation, there is a new menu directory called  in your Start menu.  


Start AscTec ARM SDK (Eclipse) and select a workspace (the place where it will store all the files you are working on).

Now, we want to add the AscTec SDK into the workspace. Click on File -> Import, select "General->Existing Projects into Workspace" and click on "Next"

Check Select archive file and select the downloaded archive (for AscTec SDK 2.0: AutoPilot_HL_SDK_v2.0.zip), which are in directory of the extracted package, you downloaded.

Click on finish and a new project appears in your workspace. Double-click on on the sdk.c file, read the comments on top of the file and have a look at the examples.

The code should compile without any errors.

Windows 7 and above

If you are using the AscTec SDK3.0, there are some DLLs missing on Windows 7 and above which results in an error during the start of the debugger.
Please download the missing DLLs from here and extract them into the AscTec_SDK_v3.0 folder in your eclipse workspace.