Header Overview

The AscTec SDK is a toolkit to get your own programming algorithms on the onboard microprocessor of your AscTec UAV. You can write your C-code in the given structure of the SDK and flash it on the HLP via a JTAG or serial connection. The basic concept of the AscTec AutoPilot is to have two processors: The low level processor (LLP) and the high level processor (HLP). While the LLP handles all hardware communication, a proven flight controller and the data fusion, the HLP is free for custom code. And as a safety backup you can always switch back to the LLP in case of an emergency situation.

Key Features

  • Four different control modes
    • Individual motor commands (each motor from 0-100%)
    • Direct motor commands (pitch/roll/yaw rates and thrust)
    • Attitude commands (Manual-, Height- or GPS-Mode)
    • Waypoint commands (position, height, heading, etc.)
  • Reading over 40 different values - i.e angles, velocities, GPS informations...
  • Easy Access - All read- and writable variables are defined in separated structs, where all important variables are documented
  • Quick start - The installation takes only a few seconds
  • Native C Code - You can write your code in native C code, no more knowledge is required.
  • Easy Communication - Since version 3.0, the communication between the serial device and your computer is easier than ever before!