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There are two different versions available. If you want to go through the AscTec Communication Interface for devices tutorial, you need the version 2.0. The AscTec SDK 3.0 uses ACI for communication out of the box.

Windows3.0AscTec SDK + Eclipse environmentasctec-sdk3.0.zipincluding ACI
Windows3.0Missing debugger DLLsAscTec_SDK_v3.0_DLLs.zipextract to SDK root folder, see note below
Windows/Linux3.0AscTec SDK onlyasctec-sdk3.0-archive.zipEclipse archive
Windows2.0AscTec SDK + Eclipse environmentasctec-sdk2.0.zipfull installation of all necessary software and instruction
Windows2.0AscTec SDK onlyasctec-sdk2.0-archive.zipEclipse archive
Linux2.0AscTec SDK onlyasctec-sdk2.0-archive-linux.tar.gzEclipse archive
Windows1.0AscTec SDK + Eclipse environmentasctec-sdk1.0.zipfirst version - expired
Linux4.1.1ARM ELF GCC Compiler binaryarm7-gcc-2012-03-28-bin.tar.bz2Including install script
Linux4.1.1ARM ELF GCC Compiler sourcearm7-gcc-2012-03-28-source.tar.bz2Source code only

Windows debugger DLLs

If you are using the AscTec SDK3.0, there are some DLLs missing on Windows which results in an error during the start of the debugger.
Please download the missing DLLs and extract them into the AscTec_SDK_v3.0 folder in your eclipse workspace.

MSYS Problems on Windows

If you are getting an error like:

during compilation you need to replace one additional DLL file of the MSYS installation. Locate the folder where you have installed the SDK and navigate to WinARM\utils\bin. There is a file named msys-1.0.dll. Replace this file with the one in this archive: msys-1.0.zip