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AscTec SDK 3.0

  • Ready for AscTec Simulink Toolkit (separate build configuration).
  • Telemetry package adjustable 
  • ACI integrated and adjustable.
  • Firefly LED fin adjustable.
  • Content now 100% identical with standard HL firmware.
  • Emergency Modes can be set by HL.

AscTec SDK 2.0

Several things have changed in version 2 of the AscTec HL SDK. However, it is easy to port your older projects to the current version if you mind the changes below. Please note that older SDK projects can be uploaded to a UAV
running the 2012 LL firmware, but all control inputs will be ignored by the vehicle. We recommend importing the HL SDK v2.0 as a new Eclipse project and copying your own functions to the new “sdk.c” file. This way you can ensure that the data transmission between the LL and the HL processor of the AscTec AutoPilot is working correctly and that all flags are set, which are necessary to tell the LL processor it is communicating with a current version of the SDK.

The following things changed in version 2.0:

  • Coordinate system
  • Data structure
  • Control modes
  • Motor feedback