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Q: Brushless Controller Update does not work:

A: Follow the instructions in the pop-up.

Q: LPC checksum error during high level (HLP) update

A1: Use a tool to update your HLP manually.

You will need the following items and software tools to perform a firmware upgrade on the HL-processor:

  • LPC2146 flash tool, as for instance ”FlashMagic“ (free software)
  • AscTec USB-adapter with four wires and a grey 6-pin connector
  • Bootloader Jumper or pincers
  • New firmware file, either provided by Ascending Technologies or generated by the SDK (*.hex)
  1. Connect the USB-adapter to your computer (install the FTDI virtual comport driver if this wasn’t done before), then connect the USB-adapter to the ”HL-serial 0“ connector of the AutoPilot.

  2. Turn on the vehicle while holding the HL-bootloader jumper pads connected using pincers (or a jumper if installed). The two LEDs signalizing the GPS state (next to the jumper pads) will stay off and the battery warning buzzer will make a loud noise. If not, there was no connection between the pads during start-up. Please make sure your pincers are conductive and try again. You may put some tape on the front of the buzzer to cancel the noise - it won’t vanish before the update is done and the vehicle is reset.
  3. Start ”Flash Magic“, select the COM-port assigned to the USB-adapter and set the other parameters to Baudrate 115200, Device LPC2146, Interface None(ISP), Oscillator 14.7456 MHz.
  4. Check”EraseallFlashandCodeRdProt“,select the new firmware file (*.hex), uncheck all options under Step 4 and click on start programming.
  5. When programming is finished turn off the vehicle, disconnect the USB-adapter from the AutoPilot and turn the vehicle back on. Now, the GPS status LEDs should be flashing again, signalizing that the new code is running.

A2: Use the AscTec SDK and flash your HLP via the JTAG adapter with the standard AscTec SDK 2.0 code.

Q: I cannot connect to my UAV! Did I broke it?

A: Most probably not. Use the old AutoPilotUpdater first.

The AscTec Research Upgrade Tool requires a working firmware on the LLP to run. In case you aborted a flash process or just cannot connect to the LLP try the following:

  1. Download the old AutoPilotUpdater
  2. Download the attached ATP File (that’s the old firmware file)
  3. Start the LLP in Bootloader Mode:
  4. Start the AutoPilotUpdater (don’t mind it mentioning Falcon and Groundstation everywhere, it works for all our UAVs).
  5. Select the COM Port with your USB Adapter connected to the LLP
  6. Select AscTec AutoPilot LowLevel and Connect
  7. Select the ATP upgrade file
  8. Start programming
  9. After the programming is done restart your flight system to see if it is back working
  10. Now try again to upgrade with the Research Upgrade Tool