Header Overview

The Jeti Telemetry system allows you to receive information from your AscTec UAV and to set custom parameters.

Received telemetry includes:

  • Battery Level
  • Flight Mode
  • Height/GPS Position/Orientation
  • ...


The telemetry system consists of two components:

  • Jeti Box Profi, attached to your RC
  • Rsat2 receiver, mounted on your UAV

The Jeti Box Profi replaces the normal RC antenna. Always make sure the Jeti Box Profi is attached to your RC and the cable is inserted into the back of the RC.

You may bind multiple UAVs to the same Jeti Box Profi. They can be distinguished by a profile name. See configuration below.
Make sure only one of the bound flight systems is turned on when using the RC!


jeti box profi, connected to indoor UAV
Jeti Box Profi connected to indoor Firefly, hence no GPS is available.

Jeti Rsat2 receiver module with adapter

Binding procedure

Usually your RC and your UAV are delivered to you already binded. If you want to connect your RC to another jeti-equipped UAV follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the UAV and the RC
  2. Remove the connector with a single orange cable from the Rsat2 receiver
  3. Insert the red connector with the label "bind plug" into the Rsat2 receiver (see picture below)
  4. Now power on your UAV
  5. Switch on your RC
  6. On the jeti box profi press 'ESC', go to setup (via arrow keys) and select 'Set-Up', press 'Enter'
  7. Select 'Duplex' and press 'Enter'
  8. Press the down arrow once to select the 'Start' label below 'Binding'
  9. Press 'Enter', the bind process happens instantly
  10. Press 'ESC' three times to go back to the main screen
  11. The icons next to the antenna symbol in the lower right corner of the screen should now display four bars on each side to signal a successful binding
  12. Switch your UAV and RC off again
  13. Remove the bind plug and reconnect the connector with the orange cable

Jeti Box Profi Configuration

When you bind a Jeti Box Profi to a receiver for the first time, you need to setup the Jeti Box Profi to display the correct values.
Please make sure you followed the above procedure to bind the RC to your flight system before you continue reading. Make sure the flight system and the RC are turned on.

If you ordered a flight system in combination with a RC with telemetry package these steps have already been done for you in production.

Parameter Setup

  1. The display of the Jeti Box Profi will only display empty values with the titles "PARAMETER1", "PARAMETER2", and so on
  2. Make sure you are on the first page (A). You may change the page by using the left/right arrow keys (B).
  3. Select PARAMETER1 (black background) in the upper left (navigate with arrow keys)
  4. Press Enter
  5. Press the down key once to select "Equipment", press Enter
  6. Press the right key to select "AscTec SDK", press Enter
  7. You should now see a list of all available parameters. Use the arrow keys to select "BAT".
  8. Press enter twice. You should now have assigned the "BAT" value to the upper left parameter slot on page one.
  9. The AscTec standard configuration is shown in the following pictures. You may re-order the values if you like to.
  10. Select each parameter and repeat steps 5 to 9 to assign them all.
  11. Page 1:
  12. Page 2:
  13. Page 3:
  14. Page 4:
  15. All settings are automatically saved. You may simply switch off the RC.

Profile Setup

This step allows you to give each bound flight system a unique name.

  1. If you see the configured parameters on the Jeti Box Profi, press ESC once to enter the "Main Menu"
  2. Select "Set-Up" via the arrow keys and press enter.
  3. In the new menu, go to "Profil" and press Enter. Select "Rename" and press Enter.
  4. Use the left/right arrow keys to select a position in the profile name (A, B). Use the up/down arrows to select a character (C).
  5. Press Enter to save the profile name
  6. Press ESC multiple times until you see the parameters again