Header Overview

This article describes how to mount the AscTec Atomboard V3 on an AscTec Firefly. This is only required if you bought the Atomboard separately.

Required Parts

  • Atomboard V3 with pre-installed mounting frame
  • M3x5 Allen screw (8x)
  • M3 threaded bolt, 10mm (4x)
  • Dual serial communication cable (10pin to 6pin)

Required Tools

  • Allen key, 1.5mm

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Turn your Firefly upside-down
  2. Locate the 4 holes at the outer corners of the lower Firefly carbon-fiber plate
  3. Place one screw (M3x5) in each hole and tighten them with the threaded bolt
  4. Place the Atomboard on the bolts and secure it with the remaining M3x5 screws
  5. Connect the serial communication cable to the 10pin connector on the side of the Atomboard. Connect the other end to the LLP and/or HLP according to your needs.

If you previously had an AscTec Mastermind installed, the serial communication cable can be re-used and needs not to be exchanged.