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End of Life Notice

The items listed below are declared end of life by 31st March 2018.
Last order date: 31st December 2017 (given stock availability).
Support and spare parts available until 31st December 2019.



  • Small and lightweight
  • Very agile

Main Applications

  • Learning to fly
  • Swarming experiments
  • Control theory

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 5.5 cm
  • Propeller size: 8"
  • Propeller Type: Flexible (default) or AscTec (optional)
  • Motors: 4 x 80W
  • Max. thrust: 20N
  • Max. payload: 200g
  • Max. total weight: 710g
  • Max. airspeed: 15m/s
  • Max. flight time: 20mins (without payload)
  • Battery: 2100mAh (LiPo)

AscTec Hummingbird with Vision Kit

Flight Time vs. Payload


Payload Matrix

Onboard ComputerCam Option 1Cam Option 2Vision Kit  (Cam Option 3)Cam Option 4Laser ScannerVI SensorPropeller Protection
AscTec Atomboard(error)(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(tick)

Payload limit

The payload matrix only shows mechanical/electrical restrictions. Please contact an AscTec Engineer to determine if your desired configuration exceeds the maximum payload.

Camera Mount Options

MountVision Kit
DescriptionFixed mount for up to two cameras.
Integrates an AscTec Atomboard for processing the images.
Max. number of cameras2
Mount PointBottom
Looking Directiondown
Tilt-angle adjustable(error)
Pan/Tilt remote control(error)

Propeller Protection

Small and large propeller protection around the flight system.

  • Protects the flight system from light impacts
    (e.g. slow flight against laboratory walls).
  • Recommended for indoors experiments
  • Additional payload weight
  • Increases susceptibility to wind in outdoor scenarios

Transport Case

Peli Storm case IM2875 with foam cut-outs specially designed for the AscTec Hummingbird.
Dimensions: 62 x 66 x 32 cm


  • Allows to store the AscTec Hummingbird fully assembled
  • Airfreight capable
  • Pockets for RC, charger, batteries and accessories