Header Overview

This tutorial shows the basics for using the ACI Remote in C. 

The whole codes are written in Linux (Linux Mint 13) and tested there. The main differences between Linux and Windows are:

  • Specific Makefile for Linux user with standard paths for includes and libraries.
  • Handling serial devices for communication.
  • Using POSIX threads (instead of Win32 threads).

If you want to use Microsoft Windows, it is recommended, that you use an IDE for easier compiling the code (e.g. Eclipse) and writing your own code for opening, reading and writing into a serial device. Also install the POSIX Threads (pthreads) for Win32 and configure the library and include paths in your workspace.

The tutorial has following chapters:

  1. Introduction and First Connection
  2. Receiving Variables
  3. Send Commands
  4. Send Parameters and Store List