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The AscTec Communication Interface (ACI) is a method of communication between your device and your local machine (remote software). It is designed for requesting variables, sending commands and setting parameters easily. 
The operation is simple: The local machine asks the device, which variables, commands or parameters are available on the device with a full description of each of them. You can create your own packages to send or receive. The advantage of this method is that you can choose, which variables shall be received at which transmitting rate from the device, and which commands and parameters you want to send to or set on the device.


  • Easy to Install You shall easily get in touch with our interfaces, so it has to be easy to install. For that, we created a tutorial to integrate ACI in our AscTec SDK 2.0. Also on the remote side, you only need a few lines of code to get your first results. Check out the tutorials for more informations.
  • Testing easily You can check your written code for the device by using the AscTec ACI Tool. So you can easily check, if your code works. Also, if you only want to use the predefined variables, flash the UAV with one of our pre-compiled binaries.
  • Fixed set variables, commands and parametes We created a list of all predefined variables, commands and parameters, which we are using. If one id was set by us to one variable, command or parameter, it will never be changed again. Every new variable will get a new id. So, you can be sure, that your code will also work, if we add new variables in our interfaces or your code runs on other AscTec UAVs with ACI support.
  • Documentation We give our best to give you a good documentation for easily implementing your ideas. All important functions are explained trough our Doxygen documentation. A step by step tutorial helps you to learn the usage of our communication platform and gives you an imagination how to realize your project.


There are two different modules for the AscTec Communication Interface.

  • ACI Device in C: A simple module for your device, where you can set easily, which variables, commands and parameters are available on the device and which of them the local machine can choose.
  • ACI Remote in C: A small module written in C to get all variables, commands and parameters of the device. It only uses standard libraries and works on every operating system


This source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (GPLv3). It is also available with a commercial license. Contact us for more information.