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AscTec Communication Interface

You can use the most recent Research Upgrade Tool to update your HLP. This firmware already includes ACI.

DownloadACI VersionDescriptionComment
aci_device_v100.zipV1.00ACI Device in Cfirst released version
aci_remote_v100.zipV1.00ACI Remote in Cfirst released version
aci_device_v100_sdk2.zipV1.00ACI Device in C for AscTec SDK 2.0include saving data on EEPROM on LPC and Makefile. You can download the AscTec SDK 2.0 here

Tutorial Downloads

ACI Remote in C
aci_tut1_intro.zipIntroduction and First Connection
aci_tut2_recvar.zipReceiving Variables
aci_tut3_command.zipSend Commands
aci_tut4_parameter.zipSend Parameters and Store List


Windows1.0ACI Toolaci_tool_windows.zipOnly extract and start (Please read the documentation)
Linux (Debian) 32-Bit1.0ACI Toolaci_tool_linux_x86.tar.gzOnly extract and start (Please read the documentation)
Linux (Debian) 64-Bit1.0ACI Toolaci_tool_linux_x64.tar.gzOnly extract and start (Please read the documentation)
-1.0ACI Toolaci_tool_source.zipSource code (Makefiles included, Please read the documentation)